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Some people think Hawaii is paradise But Monk knows that dangerlike dirtlurks everywhere Look at Helen Gruber, the rich tourist who took a fatal blow from a coconut The police say it fell from a tree, but Monk suspects otherwise His assistant, Natalie, isnt exactly thrilled about Monks latest investigation It was bad enough that Monk followed her on vacation, and now it looks as though the vacation is over.Smooth talking TV psychic Dylan Swift is on the island and claims to have a message from beyondfrom Helen Gruber Monk has his doubts about Swifts credibility But finding the killer and proving Swift a fraudall while coping with geckos and the horror of unsynchronized ceiling fansmay prove a tough coconut to crack....

Title : Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii
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ISBN : 0451219007
ISBN13 : 978-0451219008
Format Type : Hardback
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Berkley Auflage Reissue 5 Juli 2006
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Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii Reviews

  • Andreas Gryphius
    2019-07-20 19:56

    Lee Goldberg ist es mit diesem Buch gelungen, der Serie Monk einen würdigen Roman zu verfassen. Der Roman sticht hervor durch eine Reihe von spannenden Handlungssträngen und zu lösenden Verbrechen, die schon für sich interessant sind, ihre wirkliche Genialität jedoch stellt sich erst am Ende heraus.Im Gegensatz zum Debüt ''"Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse"'' ist diese Lektüre wesentlich reicher an Handlung und ärmer an langweiligen Passagen. Während Monk nicht ermittelt, beschreibt Natalie die Umwelt Hawaiis, was ich als sehr interessant empfand. Die Darstellung erfolgt sehr bildhaft und in keiner Weise trocken. Man merkt schnell, dass Goldberg sich während des Verfassens auf Hawaii befand und wahrlich inspiriert wurde.Die Handlung ist meiner Meinung nach wirklich hervorragend, wäre auch gut geeignet für einen Monk-Kinofilm oder eine Doppelfolge, da viel Spannung, Krimi und Action enthalten ist.Nun zum fehlenden Stern: Zum zweiten Mal lässt Golberg Monk Milch trinken, einen Bestandteil seiner Phobien (S. 247). Das darf nicht passieren! Es ist nicht getreu der Sendung und beim ersten Mal habe ich es noch als Kinderkrankheit durchgehen lassen, aber zum zweiten Mal diesen Fehler zu begehen, direkt im Buch, das dem ersten fehlerhaften Buch folgt (Goldberg war darauf hingewiesen worden), halte ich, mit Verlaub, für dümmlich. Ich hätte zu gern fünf Sterne gegeben, da das Buch mich wirklich überzeugt hat, doch so geht es leider nicht.Fazit: Eine erfrischende Sommerlektüre mit viel Spannung und erhellender Handlung - ein Muss für jeden Fan!Tipp: Am Strand im Urlaub lesen - bringt das richtige Ambiente. ;-)P.S.: Eine Beschreibung des sprachlichen Niveaus, die auch auf diesen Roman zutrifft, finden Sie im fünften Paragraphen meiner Rezension zu "Mr. Monk Goes to the Firehouse", leicht zu finden über die ISBN 0451217292.

  • Joseph hotto
    2019-08-16 14:46

    This was easily one of the best "Monk" books I have read by Lee Goldberg. Natalie, who was overworked being Mr. Monk's supervisor, got an all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii for a week for her friend Candace's wedding; Monk shivered at the thought of being alone for so long, so he took Dioxynl to follow Natalie to Hawaii. Monk exposes Candace's would be husband for being a fraud and already married. The plot of the story takes a sharp 180 degree turn, and then Monk investigates murders as if he were still in San Francisco. One particular case is where a woman is "killed" by a coconut falling on her head, when really she was murdered the night before, to give the impression that she was killed that day. It's always a murder around Adrian Monk. The murderer was framed as a guy named Lance, who has married several wealthy women that have died, and has a perfect alibi. However, the real murderer, who was only revealed to have done it at his own show, was Dylan Swift. Dylan Swift "talks to the dead", and even shocked Natalie by his knowledge of her husbands Mitch sudden death. Turns out he has his shows at hotels where he bugs people and listens to their private conversations. SCARY, huh? I also cracked up super hard with Monk's OCD tendencies, especially on the plane ride to Hawaii when he was high on Dioxynl. This is a must read, and Lee Goldberg does an outstanding job of using Natalie as the narrator to portray the events of this story.

  • Kona
    2019-07-22 15:07

    This is a fun book for Monk fans! Natalie and Monk go to Hawaii to attend a wedding and end up solving two murders and other crimes as well.The clever story was written by a writer for the TV series, so the characters, dialogue, and action are all authentic. It's like having your own private episode that you can enjoy at your leisure. The author is very familiar with Poipu Beach, Kauai, and readers who have been there will feel like they're there again.There are endless twists and turns so there's never a dull moment, and Monk's quirky personality ensures lots of humor. This would be the perfect book to read on a flight to Hawaii - light, quick, and very satisfying. Recommended for Monk fans.

  • Lynn McNamee
    2019-08-20 14:48

    Plot/Description: 5 StarsThis second book in the series was every bit as good as the first. The mysteries were well researched and planned out. With smart, funny situations, this book will keep you laughing and guessing all the way through.One thing I really enjoy about these books is the way that Mr. Monk has the crime solved, but then won't tell anyone right away. This gives the reader a chance to put some of the clues together. This isn't true every time, as now and then the clues are only revealed when Mr. Monk reveals them. However, often, the reader can discern the culprit from careful reading and deductions of their own.I haven't looked it up, so I don't know if it's real or imaginary, or if the effects were true to reality, but having Mr. Monk take a pill to enable him to fly on the plane was hilarious. Seeing his `true' character made for some very interesting reading, but it also made me appreciate his idiosyncracies.Another fun aspect of these novels is seeing other people's reactions to Monk's behavior. Sometimes I try to put myself in their place, wondering what I would think if someone behaved the way Monk does, such as asking me to change my shirt because of a stain.Character Development: 5 StarsMr. Monk stayed in character even more than he does in the television show. I think the books have a much stronger basis in reality, at least the two I have read. It was also interesting to find out more about Monk's wife and the events that led up to his mental issues.Natalie was not as funny in this one, sometimes just rambling to take up space. However, she did stay well in character, and I look forward to seeing her grow more in later books.Writing Style: 5 StarsWhat more can I say? Mr. Goldberg has done it again. He has mingled humor with mystery to create yet another 'can't-put-it-down' book.Rating: PG-13 for Adult Situations, some Graphic Descriptions

  • So B It.
    2019-07-31 13:05

    When Natalie receives an all expense paid trip to Hawaii to take part in her friend's wedding, she anticipates a real vacation. However, Mr. Monk takes his medicine and follows her onto the plane. Naturally the bad guys crawl out of the walls and the neighbors begin to be murdered. Even so Natalie finds time to sit in the sun in her bikini. As is typical of Monk on TV, there are comedic and tragic moments both.A really funny scene happens in a tiny restaurant which boasts local cooking that the town's homicide detective takes Monk and Natalie to. Adrian is so creeped out by the local flora and fauna he can barely sit at the table.One of the best story lines is that of a psychic who films his TV shows in the beautiful surroundings at their hotel and Monk's reaction of horror to him. Of course Adrian eventually exposes him as a fraud but you will have to read the book to find out how.A very moving moment occurs when Adrian, realizing that their rooms are bugged, tells Natalie a moving Trudy story. I choked up a little as he opened his heart in this tender moment.A book lends itself to more story lines and subplots than a one hour TV show can. It is very enjoyable to be able to spend a couple of hours with Monk and Natalie. Lee Goldberg has done a fantastic job of nailing down the characters and the books are a wonderful read.