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Winner of the Julia Child Book Award A James Beard Book Award FinalistWhen Jeffrey Steingarten was appointed food critic for Vogue, he systematically set out to overcome his distaste for such things as kimchi, lard, Greek cuisine, and blue food He succeeded at all but the last Steingarten is fairly sure that God meant the color blue mainly for food that has gone bad In this impassioned, mouth watering, and outrageously funny book, Steingarten devotes the same Zen like discipline and gluttonous curiosity to practically everything that anyone anywhere has ever called dinner Follow Steingarten as he jets off to sample choucroute in Alsace, hand massaged beef in Japan, and the mother of all ice creams in Sicily Sweat with him as he tries to re create the perfect sourdough, bottle his own mineral water, and drop excess poundage at a luxury spa Join him as he mounts a heroic and hilarious defense of salt, sugar, and fat though he has some nice things to say about Olestra Stuffed with offbeat erudition and recipes so good they ought to be illegal, The Man Who Ate Everything is a gift for anyone who loves food....

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The Man Who Ate Everything Reviews

  • Danielle Peterson
    2019-07-25 17:19

    I'm currently a Chef, but used to work as a strategist in advertising. When I was starting out in advertising I had a Strategy Director recommend that I read Jeffrey Steingarten's food essays as a good example of how to think when approaching branding. He really researches the background of every topic he writes about - and, at times, experiments with creating his own version, coming at it from different angles. Reading his writing first got me interested in food, then it became an obsession. Soon I abandoned advertising and found my self in culinary school, then cooking for a living! I am glad I read the food essays before I saw Mr. Steingarten as a guest judge on Iron Chef America. He came across as a bit stodgy, superior, and arrogant (perhaps affect of being a Harvard-trained lawyer.) I may have not been enticed to read his books if I had seen him before being introduced to his writing. Boy can he write about food! He really draws the reader in!

  • R. Doyle
    2019-07-29 20:34

    Exuberantly written - Steingarten bounces with cartoonish glee from one gastronomic fixation to the next. It's easy to put down, given its structure: short chapters, each recording a different episode of food-related obsession. But it's easy to pick up again because of its energy and good humor. A really good read, and a good book for the nightstand: something to browse while having a midnight snack.

  • Loves Books & Movies
    2019-08-15 16:22

    Jeffrey Steingarten is the grumpy judge on Iron Chef America (or was, about 5 years ago. You will see him in reruns). It was in the chocolate challenge of an episode a couple of years ago, when he said he would give all his points to the chef who could just made a perfect chocolate ice cream, that I understood him. I get you, Jeffrey Steingarten! I even wonder if the falderal of the show embarrasses him a little, though he sometimes says very nice things about the improbable concoctions put in front of him. I call into the other room to my husband, "I think this one's going to win. The grumpy guy likes his food better." And my husband comes in to see this for himself.

  • Jason Baker
    2019-08-19 14:26

    As a judge on Iron Chef, Steingarten always manages to amuse me. Even if his comments are venomous and blunt.

  • SRP
    2019-08-07 20:30

    J. Steingarten is a brilliant writer and this book is perfect on so many levels from start to finish. An effortless blend of well-gathered information, humor, and insight into the wonderful world of food.

  • Henri IV
    2019-08-15 17:29

    This was an Amazon "recommendation" for me. I'd never heard of Jeff Steingarten. I absolutely loved this book...the author's focus and energy in tracking to ground every detail of his chosen topic are embarrassingly more focused and more energetic than any I could ever muster. I am also a lapsed attorney who loves food--but I couldn't/wouldn't expend so much time on the details of perfection in cooking and eating. The author has clearly found his passion...lucky for him, and for his readers. This book is an informative delight.

  • Danielsan
    2019-08-05 18:34

    I've read this book at least 3 times and re-read it every few years, not just to remind myself of the brilliant insights, but to be entertained by Jeffrey's writing style. This is a must-read for anyone who loves food.

  • MountaineeringGal
    2019-08-13 13:37

    This book is absolutely delightful, informative, and witty. I found myself reading passages aloud to my husband because they were either making me laugh or they had enlightened me. This is one of the best books I've read in a long time!